• Kino nomi: Arena janglari
  • Joylandi: 02.07.2024
  • Sifat: HD
  • Dublyaj: Professional (Asilmedia)

Kino tavsifi
In 2045 convicted criminals are given the opportunity to compete on the world's #1 televised sporting event, Arena Wars. They must survive 7 rooms and 7 of the most vicious killers in the country. If they win, they regain their freedom.

Roles of actors:
1) Michael Madsen (Samson)
2) Eric Roberts (Admiral Jordan)
3) Robert LaSardo (Perez)
4) John Wells (Luke Bender)
5) Kevin Hager (Belladonna)
6) Robert Donavan (Moses)
7) BJ Mezek (Boggs)
8) Mercedes Peterson (Domino)
9) Sheri Davis (Holly Daze)
10) Denny Nolan (Dr. Clauberg)
11) Chase Christensen (Party Guest)

People who worked on the film:
1) Brandon Slagle (Director)
2) Brandon Slagle (Writer)
3) Michael Mahal (Story)
4) Sonny Mahal (Story)
5) Omar Parker (Executive Producer)
6) Charlie Canning Burt (Executive Producer)
7) Michael Mahal (Producer)
8) Michael Mahal (Line Producer)
9) Michael Mahal (Executive Producer)
10) Sonny Mahal (Producer)
11) Sonny Mahal (Executive Producer)
12) Michael Su (Director of Photography)
13) Albin Sallansonnet (Executive Producer)
14) Jeffrey J. Ellen (Executive Producer)
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