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Xavfli suv / Oxirgi nafas

Xavfli suv / Oxirgi nafas uzbek tilida

Uzbek tilida online
IMDb: 6.8
1 Soat. 36 min.
  • Kino nomi: Xavfli suv / Oxirgi nafas
  • Joylandi: 03.07.2024
  • Sifat: HD
  • Dublyaj: Professional (Asilmedia)

Kino tavsifi
A group of old college friends reunite on a Caribbean scuba diving trip exploring the wreckage of a WWII battleship and find themselves trapped inside the underwater labyrinth of rusted metal surrounded by great white sharks.

Roles of actors:
1) Kim Spearman (Sam)
2) Jack Parr (Noah)
3) Alexander Arnold (Brett)
4) Erin Mullen (Riley)
5) Arlo Carter (Logan)
6) Julian Sands (Levi)
7) Maxime Durand (Brian)

People who worked on the film:
1) Joachim Hedén (Director)
2) Nick Saltrese (Writer)
3) Andrew Prendergast (Story)
4) Andrew Prendergast (Producer)
5) Chris Reed (Producer)
6) Patrick Kirst (Music)
7) Eric Börjeson (Cinematography)
8) Sarah Trevis (Editor)
9) Thomas Delord (Production Design)