• Kino nomi: Shemrok Spitfayr
  • Joylandi: 02.07.2024
  • Sifat: HD
  • Dublyaj: Professional (Asilmedia)

Kino tavsifi
The story of Irish fighter pilot Brendan "Paddy" Finucane, who at the age of just 21, became the youngest ever Wing Commander in the Royal Air Force, and one of its greatest and most celebrated fighter aces during World War Two.

Roles of actors:
1) Carl Wharton (Group Captain Mallory)
2) Jamie B. Chambers (Butch Aikman)
3) Ryan O'Grady (Ray Finucane)
4) Chris Wilson (RAF Officer)
5) Chris Kaye (Bluey Truscott)
6) Shane O'Regan (Brendan Finucane)
7) Reggie McHale (Kaminsky)
8) Rafe Bird (Chissa)
9) Elliot Cable (Dickie)
10) Max Robson (Dawson)
11) Emily Outred (Florence Finucane)
12) Eoin Lynch (Andy Finucane)
13) Caitlin Cameron (Trixie)
14) Roger Harding (Mr Atkins)
15) Fraser Sutherland ()

People who worked on the film:
1) Dominic Higgins (Director)
2) Dominic Higgins (Writer)
3) Ian Higgins (Director)
4) Ian Higgins (Writer)
5) Trevor Beattie (Executive Producer)
6) Eoghan Burke (Executive Producer)
7) Nigel Martin Davey (Producer)
8) John A Dawson (Producer)
9) Sally Humphreys Wood (Associate Producer)
10) Andy Lyon (Executive Producer)
11) Dominic Higgins (Cinematography)
12) Ian Higgins (Cinematography)
13) Dominic Higgins (Editor)
14) Ian Higgins (Editor)