Aktrisa: Eman El Assi (Eman El Assi)

Tug'ilgan yili: 1985-08-28

Tug'ilgan joyi: Cairo, Egypt


An Egyptian actress, born in Cairo, studied business administration, the beginning of her work in art came by chance when she went to take a group of pictures of her and when the photographer finished filming her, he asked her to publish one of the pictures in a women's magazine and she agreed and published the picture in the magazine. Director "Khaled Bahgat" saw it. On the cover of the magazine and nominated her to play the role of his daughter, the artist Raghda, in the series (Ams la yamoot) in 2003, and the nomination came because of the similarity between them. Until her nomination came again in 2005 by director Haitham Hakki for the series ‘Ahlam fel Bawaba’ with the artist Samira Ahmed, until the real opportunity came for her when the director “Rabab Hussein” nominated her for the series “Hadret El Motaham Abi” in front of the artist “Noor Al Sharif.” Although Iman was busy at this stage, director Rabab Hussein insisted on her, and she waited for her until she finished all her work. She also participated in a number of dramas, including "Ragol w emraatan " with the artist Farouk El-Fishawy and the artist Dalal Abdel Aziz, and " Daawt Farah " with the artist Samira Ahmed and the artist Izzat Al-Alayli. "haq mashro3" with the artist Abla Kamel and the artist Hussein Fahmy ... until her nomination came to play her first starring in the series "Hob la yamout" with the artist Mohamed Riad and the artist Ahmed Ratib After that, she participated in starring a number of dramas, including (el 7 banat - qnon omar - lams aktaf - mamlakat ables , " el hesab yegma3" with the artist Yousra... the audience called her "The Princess of Drama". She also participated in the championship of a number of cinematic works, including (masgon transit - maqlab harameya - hamaty bthbny - khalbos- Paparazzi.. She also participated in the championship of radio series (qolqas fe wakala nasa, la s7er wla sha3waza).