Aktrisa: Verity Branco (Verity Branco)

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Tug'ilgan joyi: Westport, Massachusetts


Verity was born in the small New England town of Westport, Massachusetts and is of Portuguese and Italian decent. She received her Master's in Fine Arts Degree in Acting from The University of Texas at Austin.

She is the two time recipient of The Austin Critic's Table Award for her stage work. She was nominated for Best Supporting Actress by the North Eastern Film Festival for her portrayal of "Maysie," in the indie darling, "Sunny in the Dark." After launching her unapologetic YouTube Channel "The Foodie Girls," Verity was picked up by the Food Channel and listed in Glamour Magazine as one of the "Top 10 Funniest Ladies to Follow."

Most recently Verity was nominated for a Beyond Bechtel Playwright Award for the world premiere of her play, SpiritWheel: a peek inside the cult of spin, a parody on the trendy indoor cycling studio, SoulCycle.